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Lucy in Ohio's Page

Lucy at 11 weeks - "Oh boy, I got the cat toy"!

These are the most wonderful, fun dogs!  A handful to raise but so worth it.  Lucy came from Ginger Jacks Kennel in Ashland Ohio.  Her breeder is Linda Ford.  She breeds wonderful, healthy dogs.  Lucy was born in May 2005 so she is about 19 months old now.  She is very smart and holds herself in high esteem.  The kids in the neighborhood come over after school the see if Lucy can come out to play.  She loves everyone and other dogs.  She has such a sweet disposition and wants to participate in everything.  I live on a lake and she is a great swimmer.  Her favorite things to do are swimming,running like the wind and getting as dirty as possible.  She always greets everyone with a toy in her mouth.  People remark that she is "the happiest dog" they've ever seen.  Her vet fell so in love with her that he got one for his family.

Lucy at 5 months.  
"Honest, I didn't do it."

11 months.  "The weather is warming up."

I found a friend

"I do be the prettiest girl."

"What?  The cats get up here!"

"HA, HA, HA."

"Wanna play?"

"Just got my bath."

"Yummy, Snow."

Snow dog.

"Like my Christmas bow?"  
December 2005, 7 months"

11 months old

"Like my ride?  I'm going to the salon."

First hair cut.  Almost 12 months old.

"What do you think?"

"I'm still cute"

"Chilling on the deck."

Second hair cut. 14 months old.  
"Now I look like my dad."

"Got some of my hair back."  
12-5-06 19 months old. 75 pounds.

"Merry Christmas 2006!"

Hi everyone!  I turned 4 this past May and am loving life! Here are some new pictures of me.....Lucy

"Got Milk?"

Spring 2009

"I love my fish"

Summer 2009