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Leo's Page

Meet Leo, our Golden Doodle, on his first day home. He was born February 22, 2006. He came from Golden Doodle Acres in Neenah, Wisconsin. How lucky we were to find a breeder in the same city we live! We chose one of the curliest puppies hoping that shedding would be minimal to none. Leo was the lightest color in the litter.

Leo sleeps with his nose in our shoes, hmm??! His hair is getting wavier.

Leo inside his toy basket, about 2 ½  months old.

Leo on his 3 month birthday. We love his shaggy look.

Leo with Kirk, almost 4 months and about 36 pounds.

Leo's first haircut, just before his 4 month birthday. Leo is always hot so we find it best to keep his hair shorter.

Leo and Kirk, first day of school. Leo 6 ½  months. Leo's coat has big loose curls in some places, spirals in others, and wavy in others. His coat is very thick and soft.

Leo's , 8 months, his 3rd ½ marathon, he would like to run with us, but he is still too young.

Leo at 8 months and in need of a haircut. He weighs about 50 pounds.

Leo with Kirk, January 2007. Almost one year old and weighs about 70 pounds!!

Recently, Leo's dad, Caesar, came to live with us. We are a guardian home for Caesar. He is still used for breeding at Golden Doodle Acres. Leo loves having a playmate!!

Leo (in the background) and Caesar (in the foreground) resting after some fun playtime. We just celebrated Leo's first birthday. He has been a great addition to the family. He loves going to puppy classes, mostly because he is such a social dog and loves playing with other dogs.  He has passed 4 levels of obedience and next week we start Rally Obedience.