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JW's Page

Butch and Linda are the very proud parents of JW (John Wayne).  JW was born on March 23, 2006 at Cape Fear Kennels in North Carolina.  Linda and I picked JW on 27 May 06 who was now 9 weeks old and a whopping 12 lbs.  Life has not been the same since!!  JW made the trip to Springfield, GA, just outside of Savannah.  

On the way home to Springfield, JW saw his first fire hydrant.

“Mom, I think I need to get a little closer”.

At his new residence JW quickly made himself at home.

J.W. Loves being outside and at 9 weeks and 12 lbs everything seems larger than life to him.

JW and his new brother Rambo “the killer” Pekinese hang around the kitchen.  “Mom, I know it has to be time for another treat!”  

Rambo and JW have gotten along ok, but at nearly 15 years old Rambo is not really interested in this rowdy new puppy that has come into his world.

Now at 4 months old and at 30lbs, there is a lot more of JW to love!

Here is JW after a big gulp of fresh water, notice the wet muzz.

JW has brought lots of smiles and laughter into our home.  One thing is for sure, you can always get a smile from JW!  Here he his with that signature smile.  That's little brother Rambo in the backround.

JW always seems to be smiling.  He has come in contract with a lot of folks as we have taken him for walks in downtown Savannah and down the beach at Hilton Head Island.  Everyone he meets, he is ready to be friends with.  One Saturday we meet a group of young girl scouts touring the city and they all mobbed him.  He took it in stride and gave everyone of them a wet juicy lick!!

Here is John Wayne (JW) taking a break after a hard day at play.  The chew stick makes me think of the other John Wayne taking a break after a hard day on the range.

We are very proud of JW.  We entered into puppy training classes to help him and us to learn to be a better parent / doodle team.  This instructor, Abby also trains rescue dogs.  She thought JW would be a great candidate.  He is JW and Abby with JW's first swim and JW afterwards.  He did a good job, this being his first class and never having been swimming before.  Abby says he's a natural.  Makes you proud to be a doodle dad!

One of JW's favorite things is to go riding, especially in my truck.  When he hears that truck he starts going crazy wanting to go too.  Most of the time when the truck cranks up except for going to work, JW can be seen riding Shot Gun!

Here he is with this human brother Eliot going for a ride to the beach.  For sure somebody's coming home wet!!

Well, we finally made it to  the beach!  Here is a picture of Mom, Dad and JW at the beach.  

Speaking of the beach, here is a picture of JW and dad at the beach.  This was right after his first Rescue Dog training class, so he wanted to show mom how he could pull dad to shore.  I knew someone would get wet!!

Like I said, JW always makes you smile.  Here Mom washed his favorite bedding from his crate.  When it was finished drying JW could not wait for Mom to take it out of the dryer, so he jumped in to get it himself!!  See ya'll after the next pictures are made.