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Dudley's Page

Throughout the years we have had three Golden Retriever's, the last two died very young of cancer. We were advised that Golden’s are becoming so “pure” that they are having many health issues, cancer being one of them. I researched Goldendoodles when I heard of them and thought they would be the perfect "mutt" for us. Little did we know what a personality we would get! All the traits of a Golden Retriever, but so much smarter and the most loving dog we've ever had!

Dudley's ride home from Jersey Doodles at 8 weeks old.

Meeting my nephew Kyle and my mother Mary.

He always reminded me of a Boyd's bear, especially those paws!

After his first AWFUL cut!

Dudley's 1st Birthday

My Daughter's Labradoodle, Stanley. Dudley's best Bud!

To be Continued...