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Daisy Doodle in the U.S.!

Hi! My name is Daisy Doodle and I was born February 25, 2007, in Rhode Island to Bow Doodle and Dandy Doodle of  Make Way for Doodles.  Breeder Kathryn Lee took good care of me until Mom and Dad picked me up on April 21, 2007. I now live on Cape Cod with my new family. Some of my favorite activities include hunting for sticks on my daily walks, playing with my doodle friends, and snacking on a good frozen peanut butter and banana stuffed Kong. I also enjoying giving kisses to my brother and sister, Fuzzy and Fidget, who are two mini-lop bunnies that also live with Mom and Dad.

Here I am with Dad and Mom the day they picked me up.

I was a little bit shy at first but that didn’t last long!

Here I am with Mom again right before we head to my new home.

Here I am at 10 weeks old doing one of my other favorite things – napping!

When I was 11 weeks old I visited the beach with Mom and Dad – digging in the sand was lots of fun!

Here I am at 14 weeks old getting comfortable on the new bed that Dad got for me – it even had my name on it!

Here I am at 16 weeks old – Tedders is one of my favorite toys.

Sometimes I like to dress up to look like my brother and sister! Here I am at 18 weeks old.

I forgot to mention that I also really like to sit by the front door to see what’s going on outside. Here I am at 19 weeks.

I was 5 months old the day Mom took this picture of me – my how I have grown!

Here I am on my 6 month birthday having fun with my new toys! I got spayed earlier in the week but I'm starting to feel much better now."

7 months old napping with her best friend (Tedders)

8 months

Daisy's First Grooming!

Daisy meets Santa for the very first time - December 2007

On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Doodle and Blitzen!

Daisy at 11 months: getting comfy after a bath

Daisy at 11 months: the bigger the stick, the better!

Daisy managed to escape a total "sheep shearing" at the groomer's today. She was still badly matted despite my best efforts this past week or so, but her groomer was able to just clip her short rather than shave her completely (thank goodness! It would have been a rather chilly rest of the winter for her). So she is more comfortable now and all set for Valentine's Day to break the hearts of her "boyfriends" at doggie daycare.

Sadly, we lost our one bunny, Fuzzy, in December of 2007. Daisy misses Fuzzy but loves to still visit sister Fidget and tuck her in every night."

Daisy loves the water. Here she is romping in the pond by our house and on the beach with Jon and one of our good friends.

Daisy's visit with the Easter Bunny this past spring of 2010. She is 3 years old now...all grown up!

Daisy is now five years old! She is a certified therapy dog with the Companion Animal Program of Cape Cod. Every fall, she also participates in the MSPCA Walk for Animals to help raise money for animals in need.

Daisy continues to be an avid beach dog. Here she is tearing around on Nauset Beach on the Cape.