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Clifford Allen's Page

I wanted to share a photo of my son. His name is Clifford Allen. I had never heard of a Goldendoodle before. Then my daughter started this Christian School and the people who drive her to school breen goldendoodles. Well I started helping out in their kennel and I fell in love with one. He was the runt of 15 puppies. They asked me to take him home and nurse him back to health. Well I did and now he's mine. He doesn't leave my side. He goes with me everywhere. I love this dog. I never had a large dog before. It's definitely some getting use to. He's grown so fast. I just wanted to share some of my photos of him. He's gorgeous and I love him dearly. Everyone that sees him just raves. My daughter got a Jack Russell for her birthday and he's little and cute. But nobody even looks at him . Once they see Cliff they make the biggest fuss over him. We even have neighbor's call for him to visit. I don't have enough good things to say about this dog. We have him trained by a bell on the door. Of course he doesn't abuse it. Enclosed are some photos of him. Thank you for letting me share him. I'm so excited about him It feels good to share him with people who understand.

Susan proud doodle owner!