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Clementine's Page

Clementine is a 5-month-old Golden Doodle who lives with her family in Orange County, California. She lives with her mommy ~ Jennifer, Daddy ~ Kendall, and three feline siblings ~ Lucky, Floyd, and Beans. She tries real hard not to chase her kitty cat brothers and sister, but sometimes finds them irresistable! Her favorite pasttimes are going to Doggie Park and Doggie Beach. She has many best friends including Maddie the boxer, Duke the Beagle, Maya the Golden Retreiver, and Baker the Labradoodle. Her favorite things to eat are sticks, dirt, and Meaty Bones. She was born to a breeder in Colorado, but now lives and plays in sunny Southern California! We love her to pieces and couldn't imagine life without our Clemmy-Doodle! Email her anytime with questions at jenjwest@aol.com. Doods rule!!!