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Annabelle's Page

Just call me Annabelle which means "Grace or Favor".

We are Ron and Sherry Jones from Ridgecrest, CA. We have Twinkler Bean from Goldendoodle breeders Linda and Steve Rogers who own Timshell Farm.  Twinkler is now four years old, weighs about 78 lbs. and is a wonderful Therapy Dog Inc. (TDInc) therapy dog.  He is a great friend and companion too.  So, we decided since there are two of us and only one dog, we would train another puppy to do therapy dog work.  It would be great fun for each of us to take a dog when we volunteer.  We had such a wonderful experience and love Twinkler so much, we went back to Timshell Farm to find the perfect puppy to fit into our pack and to train to do therapy dog work.  

I met my brother, Twinkler, and he played with me right away.

Here is Annabelle.  She is 8 weeks old and just a delight.  Annabelle is a Medium Petite Goldendoodle and will weigh about 35 to 40 lbs.  Twinkler Bean and Annabelle are already great friends.  Annabelle is very smart and has almost mastered potty training in about a week.  She is learning to use the doggie door now but if we leave the back door open, she will go out, take care of business, and come back in all by herself.  She is very inquisitive, confident and friendly and already responds when you call her name.  As you can see, she has a beautiful face and personality.

Am I cute or what?

Twinkler is such a wonderful dog.  Annabelle plays with him several times a day.  Annabelle climbs all over Twinkler, bites his tail, face and ears and Twinkler just smiles.  Twinkler is very gentle with Annabelle and has taught her to be more gentle in her play. He is a great "big brother".  

Why does his food taste better than mine?

I love my big brother.

Everyone who meets Annabelle can't help but smile. We struck it rich again with this new puppy!

What can I say, I love my brother's hair!

I am 9 weeks old now and everyone says I am a "doll".

If I'm not playing I'm sleeping.

I am 10 weeks old and Twinkler is my best buddy in the whole world!

Twinkler plays with me all the time, I don't know where he finds the patience.  

I am now 3 months old.  I love taking my brother for a walk around the house.

Since I am going to be a therapy dog, I get dressed up and visit the hospital in my "training" vest and shoes.

I wanted to show you my beautiful whiskers and eyelashes……..and yes, if I can, I get into water somewhere!


I am getting better about posing for my pictures. I still love to lay in the grass .

Here I am on the bed with my brother, Twinkler, on the 4th of July . Our family was visiting so we got on their bed.

At 5 months, I am big enough to see outside from the couch.

My favorite sleeping spot is on the couch snuggled in the pillows..

I don't know why they put a blue collar on me cause I am a girl!