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Zuey's Page

Zuey was born at Timshell Farm (very nice breeder) in October 2004. Since I was planning to use Zuey as a therapy dog, Linda Rogers graciously allowed me to test her so that I could find the pup with the right personality. So much for the testing. I saw her and fell in love with her on the spot. I've always owned goldens and I guess she looked most like my goldens. On the test she scored a 4 or 5 which means she may be too shy to do therapy. I decided I would work with her to bring her out of her shyness. So far, she is very people friendly, but true to the test, she is afraid of loud noises and strange objects. We are working with her and think we can overcome this problem. She is so sweet and such a joy. She loves to run and play and calms down to be a joy in the house. Her disposition is wonderful.

Now where did she get her name. My husband said we could get a dog if he could name her. I was hoping for Ivy or Rags or something cute. He decided to name her "Kudzu". Oh well.......
Joe and I live in Montgomery, TX six months out of the year and Cashiers, NC the other six months.

Joe and Kay Bollinger

Zuey at 6 weeks--how could I resist

Beau & Zuey at 3 months

 Zuey 6 months...snow in NC...April 24th can you believe it?

Zuey at 7 month at cabin in N.C.

Zuey 8 months...

Zuey and Beau--Zuey with Beau before Beau passed away with osteosarcoma at six years old

Zuey got her first haircut at 9 months...they left it 1 1/2 inches all over. They called this the puppy cut. She sure looks different.

Zuey jumping into the pond -

After the stick...

ready to land...

For a dog who didn't like water as a pup, she has done a 360 degree turnaround.

Zuey almost two years old...