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Winston's Page

Neverest's Sir Winston of Sunshine was born Halloween 2004, he and all his littermates were black! Coincidence? We think not!

We placed all his siblings and Winston stayed with us! He is a very affectionate, laid back BIG boy (@50 lbs at 5 months!) He lives with his mother, black standard poodle Molly and 'Aunt' Sunny, a golden retriever female @ 1yr old. We also have 6 cats and 4 horses.

Winston loves to camp out, ride in the truck, run with his mom and Sunny and lay on his back in our laps and get tummy rubs!

Butter wouldn't melt

Aren't I cute?

Let me down, already!

I have a big tongue

I love camping with my mom!  

Three & a half yrs later, Winston continues to amaze & delight us with his charm & good manners, he is such a happy dog. Winston is happy to now share our
home with his littermate, Blue who didn't want to live with his adopted family. Blue & Winston love going horseback riding with us, they run 20 miles to our 10 and
are happy pooped puppies when we come home. They love to cuddle in our bed every morning, and with Winston @ 100 lbs & Blue @ 85, its a full bed.
Blue & Winston & I are in training, learning to drive with a dog sulky, these guys love having a job to do, and we're working out the kinks.. its a blast!

Blue Christmas '05

Boys 'n Momma

 da Boys

Here is the link to Jim Walsh's website, manufacturer of dog sulkies -