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Wiley's Page

I would love to share a bit about Wiley.

He was born Nov. 20, 2002 in Concord, PA. He lives with the Asherman's in Philadelphia, PA. Wiley has so much energy and has such a great personality. He loves to play and run around the house with his daddy, he even runs laps in the living room and up the stairs in the bedroom. He runs very fast! He loves to cuddle on the couch with us and watch tv. He always needs to be right next to us. His eyes are so expressive and they tell a story, it is almost like you know what he is thinking. At times he looks like he is smiling and he even talks to us. He is very mischievous but has learned to listen to us! He gets in to alot though if you are not looking. We are so happy that Wiley is a part of our family and couldn't imagine life without him.

"So Cute"

This is a picture from the first day we had Wiley in our home. He was so little and adorable. I can barely remember him being that small.

"Run, Run, Run"

This is his first snow storm and it was a big one. Several feet of snow fell in the area and he loved every minute of it. This picture actually made the local news about the snow storm. He was running so fast through a path in the snow that we shoveled out for him.

"The Graduate"

This is the proud graduate at the end of his training class with his mommy and daddy.

"Go Troy"

Wiley's favorite football team is the Eagles. He watches football on Sunday's with us and even has his own glow in the dark football that he plays with on game days.


This is a more recent picture of Wiley out in our back yard. He loves to lay and play in the grass.