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Tyler's Page

I would like to introduce you to our Dood, Tyler.

The Proud Dood

Tyler lives with Phyllis and Jack in Middletown, Connecticut.  Phyllis is a portrait artist, and guess who is her favorite subject to paint!

He was born on July 19, 2003 at the home of breeder, Kathryn Lee, in Rhode Island. Tyler was one of a litter of 12. His mother is a beautiful Golden Retriever, formally known as Merrymaylee’s Lady May (known to her friends as Maisie) and his father is a virile Black Standard Poodle named Blue Jay.

We drove to Rhode Island to pick up our pup, and we were greeted by these two lovely ladies. Kathryn treats her pups with tender, loving care, and Maisie has the sweetest most gentle temperament .

Kathryn Lee & all the moms

Here is a portrait of a proud mother, Maisie, with her litter of puppies.

Happy Mother’s Day, or is it
Valentine’s Day

Tyler was a shy little guy on his first day home. He just went into his crate and fell asleep. He still happily sleeps in his crate

First Day Home

Tyler is definitely not a shy little guy anymore. He is quite energetic and playful, and always enjoys a good chew.

Everything Tastes Good!

Tyler Portrait – A Good Chew

Our little Dood is growing nicely and has many friends. He loves to socialize and thrives on attention, but sometimes one has to improvise for companionship .

Tyler & Friend

He doesn’t realize that he has grown at all, and remains a little lap dog in his mind. Sister, Bri, certainly realizes how much he has grown.

The Biggest Lapdog

Here he is at about 9 months old, and weighing in at close to 70 pounds.

Tyler at 9 months

Tyler is a very intelligent pooch who was housebroken very quickly. We can’t take him anywhere without attracting a crowd. It is almost as if we are accompanying someone of great celebrated importance. We have been told that he has a very regal way about him and he has often been referred to as “majestic”. People stop us to ask what breed he is and often produce cameras to photograph him. He always seems to enjoy meeting up with the Paparazzi! He is a real ham and has quite a personality, always making us laugh with his antics. We sometimes wonder if there is really a person of great celebrity hiding inside of that big, furry exterior.

Above is the reference photo used for the portrait “The Proud Dood”, with a little enhancement of the fullness of his hair, which is the way he usually looks.

If anyone is interested in having a portrait painted of their special furry friend , they are done in watercolor, ink, and pencil, are reasonably priced, and make great holiday gifts.

Phyllis can be e-mailed at: PhyllisCh@aol.com