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Twinkler Bean (Buddy)'s Page

Here are the pics of Twinkler Bean.  We are Ron and Sherry Jones of Ridgecrest, California in the Mojave Desert.

We got Twinkler at Timshell Farm in Corsicana Texas. I can't say enough good things about Linda Rogers. She was so open and helpful. What a delightful experience with a wonderful breeder!! I would recommend Timshell Farms to anyone. Twinkler is just so delightful, stable, happy, friendly and confident.

My married daughter and I flew from California to Texas on 4/4/04 to meet Linda in person and to bring back the male goldendoodle of my dreams. Twinkler was the best traveler. He was confident and friendly to everyone we met in the terminal and on the plane. To this day, he just turns "on" his glowing personality when he is in public. He has already gone to work with me and then to my husband's office, to two different aerobics classes, and to Walmart and just charmed everyone in sight.

My goal is to have Twinkler become a Therapy Dog and work in hospitals or burn centers. His socialization started at Linda's farm so this part of the process has been so easy. Linda knew of my future goal to have a working dog and she worked very hard to find a dog full of joy and confidence. We will be forever grateful.

Here I am with my cousin. We are both being picked up from Linda's farm at the same time.
(I have the teddy bear.)

Here I am in Dallas waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to the airport. My new family can't believe I am such a good traveler already.

Ah, first night in my new home! Only took us 10 hours to get here from Texas!

I can't believe it. I actually made it through the doggie door 2 days after I got here. I potty trained myself in 5 days (with an occasional accident now and then when I was too busy to stop playing in time).

They have BIRDS in California.....see, I am pointing at one right now!

I have a crate but I prefer sleeping like this.

I am 12 weeks old now and love my trampoline.

This is my big brother Rocky. I talk to him all the time but he says I am too loud!

I think my favorite thing is to play with balls. I am getting better at soccer everyday.

Here I am being lazy
 at 3 months.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just saw Rocky go out for his walk. I can't go till I get my shots! Only a couple of more weeks then I will see where Rocky goes every night!!

Rocky and I love to chew together.

My sister, Tricia, and her husband, Jay, came to see me when I was almost 4 months old. We had so much fun.

Here I am in my therapy chair at about 4 1/2 months. It folds so I can take it with me to visit patients when I get certified as a Therapy Dog.

 I know how to do bench step aerobics now.

Here I am with Susie my personal aerobics/cardio instructor. She lets me come to her classes to get to know the kinds of equipment that patients will be using for rehab.

Would you repeat that last question? Oh yes, I did visit the doggie park in Sacramento. I had a ball with 40 other dogs. It's nice to know I can have so many friends.

It was an accident really...... but.........
I just wanted to see that the "white stuff" was!

I got a Canine Flowbee haircut just before I turned 6 months old.

Do I look "cool" or what?

I have to tell you, sitting in front of the fan on an August day is heavenly.

This is Laurie. Her dogs were Rocky's parents. My mom has known Laurie at least 15 years now! I love it when she comes over to visit us.

I know, I know....I watch too much TV.

But when I see a dog on there I can't help myself.

Twinkler really does watch TV if a dog is on it. We were watching "Shelter Dogs" on HBO. Twinkler got so upset when the dogs were crying that I actually had to turn the station off after I took this pic.

I don't know why my bed keeps shrinking. Only 1/2 of me fits on it now. Not a problem for me because I am a creative sleeper.

This is the ivy beside my house. It is my favorite place to explore. Can you believe I weigh 56 lbs now?

Here I am with my Walmart friends. They tell me how cute and well behaved I am when I visit.

Here is Twinkler at 9 months. He still loves TV if he sees a dog. I got a clicker video a couple of weeks ago. I took so many pictures of him during the "show". He knew many of the words and just kept watching. His concentration is amazing.

Here I am at 9 months. Don't know how much longer I will be able to squeeze into my therapy chair.

I was so excited when we started watching a clicker video. I understood quite a few words and spent one to three minutes at a time watching the dogs being trained. Now if I can just train my mom to use the clicker.........

I weigh 66 lbs now and am 25 inches at the shoulder. Everyone thinks I am a handsome dood. : )

Here I am at 10 months
with my "mom".

"Playing on the Fig Tree"

a portrait by

Phyllis (Tyler's Mom)

A portrait of



Phyllis (Tyler's Mom)

Here is my boy. In fact, after he stole the butter (about the 4th time), I decided to use bread and butter as my training reward. He prefers it to the hot dogs the obedience instructor uses during her classes. What a riot!

Here I am just after I passed the "Canine Good Citizen" test on September 17, 2005. The hardest test for me was meeting up with another dog and trying to ignore him. Whew!!! But I did good.

I couldn't believe my good luck. It was St. Patrick's day and my pops mowed the lawn ...... what more can I say?

Here I am on the love seat..........shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
my pops doesn't know!

Here I am at 21 months old. Cute or What???

I wanted to show everyone how big I was, so here I am looking for friends over my back yard fence that's 50" tall.

I must live under a lucky star! A fireman, by the name of Joshua, came to paint my fire hydrant this morning.

My mom, pops, and I passed the Therapy Dog, Inc. testing. Here I am at 2 1/2 years old getting ready for my first observed visit. Next picture you will see is my working with patients. Yippie!!!!

Here are Twinkler's first "Caring Canine" (Therapy Dog, Inc.) pictures. Joel and Nellie are especially fond of Twinkler. He has been to see both of them in their facility four times now. Nellie has a picture of Twinkler in her room. She tells everyone that comes to visit her that "Twinkie" is her favorite, beautiful, sweet, 4 legged visitor. Joel looks forward to our visits too. In fact, the staff as well as the residents smile when they see Twinkler coming down the hall.

Twinkler, the Caring Canine, visiting Joel

Twinkler and Nellie

I am 4 now and just got a baby sister.  She is going to be a therapy dog too.

Annabelle just loves to play!