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Temmy's Page

Temmy was born on August 22, 2003. She shares the same birthday as Molly's Grandmother, Ruth who is now 88.  We have had a party each year for both Mom Mom and the Doodle.

Temmy, by many accounts,
 the prettiest dog in Swarthmore, PA!

Temmy is the star dog of Swarthmore and is known by one and all. There is not one day when someone new passes by says: "That dog is soooooooo cute, what is it?"

Temmy gets comfy

This is our family's first dog ever and what a great choice we made.   She has brought love and comfort to our family at a time when we were in great pain and we look forward to many years with her by our side and in our hearts.

Molly and Temmy

Kathy, Dan and Molly Andersen