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Tahoe, Reno, Tali & Chessie's Page

My name is Barb Schwab and these are my doodles-- Tahoe and Talitha (Tali) are from Hardly Able Stable in Ohio and Reno is from Lake View Farm in Ohio. They live with my husband, 2 teenage children, 4 cats, 3 guinea pigs and me, in the Sierra Foothills in CA.

Tahoe and Tali have the same parents but are from different litters, they are F1 labradoodles. Reno has the same dad as Tahoe and Tali so he is a half sibling and is an F1 goldendoodle. Tucker is my doods brother.  

Tahoe 10 wks

Reno 10 wks &
Tahoe 6 mos

Tahoe King of the Hill


Reno 8 wks

Reno 8 wks

Reno and Tahoe

Reno 10 mos

Reno & Tahoe playing tug

Reno 11 mos

Tali & Reno

Tali 8 wks

Tali at 14 wks

peekaboo (tali)

Tali at 8 mos

Introducing Chessie named after the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad -Daddy got his model trains and we got our doodle baby.   Mora is Chessie's littermate.

Chessie is an F1 labradoodle from Hardlyablestable, all of my doods have the same poodle dad.

Chessie at
12 weeks old