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Shenleigh O'Doodle's Page

Shenleigh was born on October 26, 2004 at Hack's O'Doodles Kennel in Virginia Beach.  She is a first generation Goldendoodle with a beautiful curly non-shedding coat.  She joined a home of Standard Poodles whom she absolutely loves!  She can always find a friend to play “doodle games”!!!!!

With the help of a crate, Shenleigh was quickly housebroken.  She attended boarding school at Tidewater K9 Academy where she got a chance to show her intelligence.

Siesta time!!!!!!!

Shenleigh is a delight.  She goes for daily walks.  She goes to soccer games and to Tae kwon do with her 2 boys Connor and Austin.  She is always anxious to jump in the truck and go on an adventure!!!  She loves to walk on the beach and anxiously tries to catch the seagulls!!

Shenleigh O'Doodle is quite famous!!!  She has been on TV twice.  The program is called “Living the Life” on the ABC Family channel.  She is scheduled to be on the FOX Doc Holliday show in a few weeks!!!!!!  She has been a paid actress in a New York documentary called “Lost Letters of Faith”.  She has been photographed in our local PetTails magazine and was featured in the October 28, 2005 issue of “The Week Magazine” as the most beautiful Goldendoodle.

She handles stardom well as her first birthday approaches.  Shenleigh is about 70 pounds of beauty.  She is quite an athlete!!!!  

She continues to be an awesome public relations ambassador for the breed of Goldendoodles********

As we say at our house…..          
          Here comes our love….
          Shenleigh O'Doodle
          Half Golden
          Half Poodle