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Sammi's Page

Her formal name is Samantha T ...We call her Sammi most of the time. It just seems to fit her. ( The "T" is for trouble ot terrific... depending on when you ask! But she is always "Terrific", even when she is in trouble.)

She was born on February 8, 2004 at Timshell Farm, here in Texas.
Mother... Emmy Lou...Golden Retriever
Father... Allen...Standard Poodle

We picked her up, four days shy of her being eight weeks old. She weighed 7lbs. 4oz.

She is a light apricot color with a white blaze on her chest and darker apricot colored ears.

Sammi loves our three year old Newfoundland, Sweet Liberty... better known as, Libby. Sammi spent the first few weeks, climbing on Libby's back or laying as close to her as possible.

Sammi loves to play and is very affectionate. Is becoming more so every day. And very smart... she learned to ring the bell within two hours, the first day, in order to go outside. She has learned to "come"," sit", "down" and to "pick the hand" with a treat, when asked. We are still working on "stay" and "drop it". Sammi loves to steal clothes from the laundrywork or bathroom and run with them. Think it must be ample parts of the retrieving Retriever and impish Poodle at play.

At ten and a half weeks, Sammi weighed 14lbs. 7oz.

At thirteen and a half weeks, she weighed 21lbs.

Even though she has gained weight she has grown taller and lanky, she hasn't grown plumper. So, we can't let her play out in the yard unsupervised, as she can still squeeze through the wrought iron fencing.

Sammi, 8 weeks old, on Libby's back.

Our Granddaughter, Daisy with Sammi

Libby and Sammi thinking about hunting rabbit. Libby is too slow, never catches them... Sammi will give them a run for it someday!

Libby and Sammi taking a rest.

Adorable Sammi at eight weeks old.
Who could resist that face?

Sammi on Libby's back again.

Sammi resting under the trees.

Daisy and Sammi getting to know each other.

Daisy and Sammi have decided they like one another.

Libby happy to have a live in friend.