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Quincy's Page

Quincy was born October 7th, 2005 in Pennsylvania. He currently lives in the heart of Greenwich Village NYC with Amy Weis (myself), a 33 year old fashion designer. Quincy is brilliant. He learned how to sit in 5 minutes and was paper trained in 1 day. Quincy cannot go outside until he has had his 3rd set of shots which he will be receiving on January 3rd. I am looking forward to taking Quincy everywhere with me. NYC has become so dog friendly. I can't wait until the summertime to take him to the neighborhood sidewalk cafes.

Here are some pictures of my gorgeous son.

In his new winter coat that my mother sent him. Looks like he'll only fit into it for about another 5 minutes.

Quincy with his girlfriend Sophie. He is into older women. They are so Ashton and Demi!!!

Quincy in his raincoat


1996 to 2005

"Forever in my heart"

Let's go Steelers!!

On February 22, 2009 Quincy was on an episode of "Flight of the Concords".  Not only can you see him they actually mention Goldendoodle in the episode!

Quincy is in the front row on a chair!