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Ollie's Page

Ollie was born on July 25, 2005 at Sunshine Acres in Northwest Indiana. His mother is Cookie the golden retriever and his father is Jackson the red standard poodle. The litter had 6 males and 3 females. All of them are a beautiful reddish gold color.

After losing my golden retriever to cancer at only 6 years old, my family and I were lost without a dog. I love goldens, but am dismayed by the health problems that seem to plague the breed and the constant shedding problem. I had considered a standard poodle for our next dog and several years ago had made the comment that a golden/poodle cross would be a fabulous dog. Little did I know there was such a creature!

After researching goldendoodles on the internet and finding such good reviews on them, I decided this would be the dog for us. I contacted several breeders via email and found Michael Wagenbach at Sunshine Acres. Cookie’s litter would be ready to go by the weekend. My 3 year old daughter and I made the 5 hour trip to Sunshine Acres to see the puppies. Out of the 4 males that we were to choose from, Ollie was the only one who licked both mine and my daughter’s faces. We were smitten!

We drove back home to Kentucky and Ollie immediately became a member of our family. Here is a photo of Ollie at almost 10 weeks.

He is learning very fast and I hope to train him in obedience and agility. I would also like to use him as a reading therapy dog in teaching preschoolers, but I am just learning about this program-more to come.

If you have a relative of Ollie’s or would like to contact me about him, please email me at mamamissie@adelphia.net.

Here is Ollie at 3 months of age and 17.1 pounds.

Ollie is now a little over 10 months old and one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever known. We nearly finished basic obedience, but I fell at one of our classes and broke my tailbone (how embarrassing). However, the trainer likes Ollie so much, she’s going to let him do advanced obedience for free. He’s already doing some off-leash work so I can’t wait to teach him even more.

Here is a photo of Ollie with his shaggy look before I ever cut any length from his hair. I had trimmed his feet and bangs, but that’s it.

And here is Ollie’s new summer haircut. Even with diligent brushing and combing, his coat was terribly matted. We camp a lot, and after a weekend at the campground, he was a mess. Between the wet grass, the burrs, the dirt and the weed seeds it was hopeless to save his coat. I groomed him myself using a 7 blade on the clippers and comb attachment for his legs. I trimmed his ears, face and topknot, but left most of his tail.

Ollie has finished basic obedience and will be starting advanced (off leash) obedience tomorrow!

I also hope to have him tested for his Canine Good Citizen certificate and have been looking into Rally Obedience for him. It looks like a lot of fun but there aren’t any upcoming trials in our area.

Today is July 25, 2006 and it is Ollie’s first birthday! He has grown, changed and learned so much and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

We are planning on attending our first Doodle Romp on Saturday in Indianapolis and hope to see lots of doods and their people! Maybe we will see you there!

November 25, 2006

Ollie is now 16 months old and still very much a puppy! He is so full of love and energy.

Our grand ideas for advanced obedience were put on hold when school started. With me and my three kids all attending, there just isn’t enough time. Perhaps we will continue his “education” when we humans break for summer vacation!

Ollie’s coat has grown quite a bit since his big shave down in June and is so curly it needs constant attention to keep up with the tangles. It is so tempting to have him cut down again, but I do love the shaggy look on him!

Happy Holidays to everyone from Ollie and family!

On April 28, 2007 Ollie and I hosted a romp at Coldstream Dog Park in Lexington, KY. We had about 25 doodles and their people in attendance for our first-ever romp. The weather was great and a good time was had by all!
This first photo is one of Ollie and me.

These other two photos are of Ollie and some of his new friends

July 2007

Ollie is now two years old and maturing into a wonderful dog. His continuing education was put on hold until the spring of 2008 due to me having major surgery in May. I am a teacher and I can only devote myself to his training advancement when school is not in session.

Here he is on his second birthday looking very handsome and enjoying a special treat of canned food.

January 2008
Happy New Year!

I had to shave Ollie down completely in October and thus have taken very few photos of him since then! It was my own fault for letting his coat get so matted, but his hair is very curly and difficult to manage. He felt much better after the big shave down but looked so naked! I even had to do his ears and tail. I have vowed to keep up with it better and will pay a professional if necessary to prevent having to shave him down completely again.
I did take his naked self to our school’s blessing of the animals on St. Francis Day and he was blessed by the local priest. That was an amazing event! There were so many animals present and Ollie loved the attention.

We also walked in a local Christmas parade and Ollie wore a shirt with our school logo and jingle bells. He had to stop along the way for several petting sessions and photo ops! His coat has grown out quite nicely and here is a photo of him by our Christmas tree.

I have vowed to continue his education this spring. Hopefully we can complete his advanced obedience and perhaps earn his Canine Good Citizen and maybe even get him registered as a therapy dog. It’s good to have goals!

I wish everyone peace and good health in 2008.