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Oliver's Page

Oliver was born 12/18/05 in Peever, SD. He lives with Mike and Lindsay in Sioux Falls, SD. He is 9 months old and weighs around 60 pounds. He is a very friendly boy and just loves other dogs and kids. Ollie has made lots of friends at the dog park this summer. He doesn't shed and has been a very quick learner.

Here I'm 8 weeks old resting on dad's lap.

Here I'm 3 months old.

3 months old and I can already read the paper!

Here I'm 15 weeks old lying in
my favorite spot.

 I just love my baths!

4 months now - Resting with my baby bunny on my hammock.

Here I am sleeping upside down in my kennel (one of my favorite spots). I'm 4 1/2 months here.

My mom likes to take close-ups of my cute face.

Here I am at 6 months after my first haircut.

Playing with my football.

Being at the lake
is hard work.