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Nick's Page

Nick was born on May 4, 2005, at Tropico Kennels in Palmdale, California. Her mother is Ashley, a gorgeous golden retriever, and her father is Cream Soda, a dashing cream and gold standard poodle.

Nick lives with Karan and two enormous cats in Fresno, California now.

Here is Nick's first picture,
taken at the breeder's house
before our trip home.

Nick arrived home...

And immediately decided to take a nap...

Some people thought she looked like a stuffed toy...

Others couldn't resist holding her.

Sami the cat wasn't too sure about Nick.

But soon Nick and Sami and
my other cat Peri were cuddling.

Here's Nick enjoying exploring the garden...

And here are Nick and Peri  going for a walk.

Nick at 4 months.

Happy puppy

Nick and Peri

Nick's first haircut

This picture was taken at graduation
 from puppy kindergarten

And here is Nick's Halloween costume
...in case you didn't guess, she's a doggy bag.

Sometimes it gets tiring, being this cute:

And here are pictures from

 Nick's 6 months birthday:

Finally, here is a family portrait: