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MacDoogle's Page

My name is MacDoogle.  I was born on May 24, 2004 at a swell puppy farm in Oologah, Oklahoma, birth place of Will Rogers!  My breeder was wonderful to me, but I decided to go and live with these two old people to keep them company, so I live in Tulsa now.

This is my mommy.  She says I'm the smartest puppy ever. She's a retired English teacher, so she should know!

This is my daddy.  Since he's a retired coach, my training is excellent. Dad had a bone marrow transplant a few years ago and doesn't have a good immune system, so I'm the perfect dog for him because I don't shed or cause allergies.

 At my new home, I discovered that there was another puppy just like me in the bedroom.  I tried to play with him, but he just kept imitating me!

Mommy thinks my profile is cute and shows just how sweet I am.   

I'm considered a miniature golden doodle.  Mom was a golden and dad was a white miniature poodle (artificial insemination, you know).

I look cute in this hat,
but I hate to wear it.

Outside is a treat for me.  I have a nice little kingdom in which to chase birds and squirrels.

But, like most guys, football is my favorite sport.  My mom and dad say that if you want a smart, gentle, silly, wonderful, loving, loyal, non-allergenic dog that doodles are the best.

Mac and his new haircut

Mac loves his red-headed step-grandson (and we do too!)!   He also loves to swim.  Here he is at 18 mo.

MacDoogle has a new brother and his name is Harley!