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Gunnar's Page

We had the pleasure of finding Gunnar at Conestoga Kennels in New Holland PA.  He was born on May 10, 2005.  He has been a joy so far!  He joins our Golden Retriever D'lani and Jack our Lab.  Those two are trying to forget Gunnar is here, I think they think he will disappear in time! LOL  Thank god our daughter Kaley age 7 is around for him to play with or he would be completely bored!  

This is Gunnar at 9 weeks.  We just picked him up from Conestoga Kennels, this is his first car ride.  He slept the whole time……..

This is Gunnar at 11 weeks.  Jake thought maybe it was a good idea to keep an eye on Gunnar.  He's getting pretty active as you see….

Gunnar finally decided to wake up, while Jake decided puppy sitting was getting old and  went to sleep!

This is Gunnar at 12 weeks, his favorite place to sit is on a couch or chair!        

Gunnar refuses to leave old Jake alone!  He loved to chew on poor Jakes ears.                                                                                                            

Here is Gunnar at 13 weeks, he fell asleep while tubing. He loves to go boating!

~   The Pannone Family   ~