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Gracie's Page

Gracie was born September 21, 2004 at For God's Glory Standard Poodles & Goldendoodles in Rohnert Park, CA. She was just one of the ten cute litter mates born to Gracie (the 1st) & Jacque. She was adopted on November 20, 2004 by John & Andrea Timothy and now lives in Draper, Utah. She has brought smiles and humor to our lives each and every day since then.

Only 10 lbs. on adoption day. Gracie has been daddy's girl from day 1!

"Gotta Getta Gund".

Our own stuffed animal. We just want to squeeze her she's so cute.

Christmas greetings to show off our new puppy. If only she'd stay still for the camera.

Taking a relaxing bath with daddy. He ends up getting just as wet as Gracie.

Getting caught digging in the flower bed. No one told us that Goldens like to dig.                  

Not too excited over her new haircut. Can't wait to get the stupid bows out.

Hiding in the lavender bushes.

Where's Gracie? We seem to have misplaced her on the carpet.

Gracie's favorite thing is "scratchies" behind her ears. Notice the tongue hanging out. She is now 9 months old.!