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Ella's Page

Hello fellow Doods and Doodettes! My full name is "Ella Fitzdoodle", but my friends call me Ella (left). I am Teddy's (right) little sister and I was born on September 9, 2004 in Hilbert, WI. I currently reside in Barrington, IL with my Mommy and Daddy, and my big brother Teddy!

That's me on the lawn on the left and my big bro Teddy in the snow on the right!

Day 1 (left): I'm a little confused as my family debates between the two names for me.

"Paula Abdoodle" or "Ella Fitzdoodle"?

Didn't need Simon's opinion from American Idol or the tabloids to help with this decision.

It's "Ella Fitzdoodle"!

Woohoo! Fun at the beach! Teddy and I love to romp around "Doggie Beach" when we head south for the late Winter and Spring.

Beau and Belle, my nephew and niece, come to play sometimes at the beach! Teddy and Beau here are getting a little rough and compettitve going after the ball as I watch.

Typical boys! grrrrrrr...

As usual the girls (Belle and I) had to engage the situation. Belle took care of Beau, and as you can see I took Teddy down a peg or two as means of disciplinary measures.

But as always, Teddy and I stay the best of buds!