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Dandy's Page

Duncan Doodle Dandy

My name is Dandy and I was born in Missouri on July 25, 2005. I originally made my home with Krista and her family...I was meant to be adopted by another family, but they couldn't take me. Mom said she wanted a puppy from this breeder and when Krista told her I was available, but a wee bit older (13 weeks), she just said "Whoopee"! and before you knew it I was flying the friendly skies to the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State.

at the airport

I now live with "Mom" Nancy and "Dad" Joel. Dad feeds me organically grown cereal and Mom feeds me NY pizza....any doubt which I prefer???? Mom says I'm as smart as a whip, too smart...Dad just just grumbles that she pays more attention to me than to him...(I'm MUCH cuter) Now if I could just stop eating everything in sight, I suspect Mommy would be in a much better mood...


So I will attach some pictures to show you just how cute I am..(No brag, just fact)...Oh BTW, I would love "The Pink Panther"as my theme song, since Mom says I sometimes act more like a cat! Imagine!!!!!!

Sleepy Doodle

Cropped Dandy

Dood in the Snow

Doodles first Christmas

Ferocious Doodle

He wakes

The Dood II