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Condy's Page

Even as a baby, I stood out from the crowd!

Meet Condy. She is a beautiful 13-week old Dood from Texas. Condy was born on October 11, 2005 at Timshell Farms in Corsicana, Texas! Condy spent her first 8 weeks under the watchful and skilled eye of Linda Rogers, her breeder. When she was six weeks old, we visited her for the first time having only seen her in photographs until that time. At 8 weeks, we picked up Condy, and said "Thank you and Goodbye" to Linda and Timshell with promises to stay in touch. We then headed back to Condy's permanent home, 180 miles away in Houston, Texas where she now resides with her new family. E-mail for Condy (or her people) can be sent to condy@houston.rr.com. We'd love to hear from other Doods and Dood lovers!

Wow ... my new Mommy sure is tall!

Ooh ... I like my new home and the feel of this rug under my paws!

Hey, no monkey business, pal!

My name is Condy and I'm a Libra ... what's your sign?

Let me introduce you to my cellmate, Libby!

Am I one cool Dood or what?!

Geez ... life in the real world sure is tiring!!

SSShhh ... I’ll let you in on a secret ... Santa is really a girl!!

Condy will be 16 weeks old on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 and she weighs 27 lbs. at the moment.

My Mommies call this freedom from my crate ... they obviously use the term "freedom" loosely.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

All I want for Christmas is my two front (top and bottom) teeth!

Is it me or is Monkey getting smaller?

Is this the little girl I carried? ... Sunrise, sunset ... Swiftly flow the days ... Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers ... Blossoming even as we gaze ...

I love my bestest buddy, Libby!

Update: Condy will be six months old on Tuesday 4/11/06 and she weighs 40 pounds.

Update: Condy will be eight months old on June 11 and she currently weighs 47 pounds.

Update: Condy turned one-year-old on October 11, 2006 and she currently weighs 57 pounds.

Christmas 2006!

Christmas 2007!

Christmas 2008!