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Charlie Murphy's Page

Charlie was born 4/30/04, at Mueller's Woodville Farm to a poodle dad and a golden retriever mom, he was one in a litter of 15!!!!! He now lives with Kevin and Stacey and their two cats in Milwaukee. We were thrilled to be notified that someone could not take their puppy- so Charlie was available to us! The long wait has ended!!!

"the ride home"

We had a wonderful time bonding on the ride home from the Mueller's.
At 8wks old he is 7.5 lbs.

"lunch on the patio"

Charlie's first week home, he is such a mellow happy dog.

"packed and ready to go"

We got Charlie right as we were moving out of a temporary house into our home we were renovating.

The cats- upon seeing Charlie quickly decided they had enough of him and were ready to go !! I'm sure they were hoping without Charlie.

 "cell dog"

This picture he is 9 wks old.

Charlie took right away to his Crate- the first 2 weeks he got up promptly at 4:30am to go outside- and thats the only noise he makes in the crate. We are very lucky!

He now sleeps until 7am - ahhhhhh.

 "bath mat"

He loves the cool tile!

"charlie's new kitchen floor"

12 wks old! He's getting to be so big- SO FAST!

He is 15.5 lbs here.

"doggle dog"

Since Charlie has now learned to love to hang his head out the car window- we thought "safety first" and picked up some rather cool doggles.

"Enjoying the dog days of summer"

"hmm how did the toilet paper get in the kitchen"

" busted"

"did we adopt a dog or Rod Stewart?"

" the cheapest and most fun ball we could find!"

" Not only the first snowfall of the season, but Charlie and My first time seeing it EVER"

" do you think santa can put all those bones in his bag?"

How do I look?

We traded in Charlies Rock Star Hair cut for this Fat Albert Afro hairdo- We must say he is extra lovable and his ball catching has greatly improved since removing the hair from his eyes! He is 8 months old and about 45 pounds here.