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Baxter's Page

Meet Baxter - the goldendoodle of Scott and Joanna of Illinois. He was born December 17th, 2003, at the Muellers Woodville Kennels in Hilbert, Wisconsin. His mother was Cocoa Puff (a standard poodle) and his father was Ronald Reagan (a golden retriever)!

Baxter's first picture taken at the Muellers, his blue eyes and personality were the deciding factors.

With my new mom -

"Does this woman ever have a hold on me!"

2 months - 12 #  

"My favorite toy"

Ol blue eyes

3 months - 18#

4 months

"Relaxin in the violets"

"Mom loves me and her flowers"

"Time for a snooze"

"My paw holding buddy"

"Me and my papa -

 I am a "dear" to him"

5 months

6 months - 50#  

"They tell me a couple of basset hounds used to live here"

8 months - A patriotic doodle

 "You know I am the son of Ronald Reagan!"

9 months

"My backyard buddy"

"Me and my Dad fishin - I'm watching for the "BIG ONE!"

 A dirty doodle's look of innocence

"Taking time to smell the roses - urr coneflowers"

"Me and my papa boatin"

10 months -

"My little boatin buddies"

 1 year - 70 #

"Me and mom @ Christmas - she finally loosened her hold a little!"

 "Now that I'm one - I think

 its time for drivers ed??"

"Snow Doodle"

"My little loves - am I ever a lucky doodle!"