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Barkley's Page

Barkley was born November 23, 2003.  He moved to Racine, Wisconsin to live with his Mamma and older sister Gretta (black miniature schnauzer) when he was 15 weeks old.  He weighed about 28 lbs and was very quiet at first.  I couldn't believe what a mild temperament he had for a puppy.  I've read this before about Doodles and as described, it was short lived.  

I named him Barkley after the Sesame Street dog because he looked just like a Muppet!  People would tell me they wouldn't know he was real if he didn't move.  And his vet said he looked like sauerkraut!  Barkley is very smart and crate & potty trained quickly.   His feet are enormous!  I think they look like polar bear paws.  He just had his 10 month birthday and currently weighs about 70 lbs.

Here's Barkley at the dog run at Proper Paws University in Racine.  PPU is a wonderful place.  There's doggie day care, training & obedience, agility, grooming and a fenced dog run on acre and a half.     

Barkley with his Uncle J and his Wienie cousins, Tucker & Tyler at the park. We had so much fun!

Here is a recent photo of me and my baby.  What a big boy!

Where's Barkley?  Peek-a-boo!  

Barkley Doodle

My Cute Doodle Puppy

Barkley Doodle Dandy