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Zeus's Page

Zeus was born on August 10th in Nottingham NH. The breeder is Pam Fritz. His mother is a Golden Retriever and his dad is a black Standard Poodle. They live on wooded acreage in Southern New Hampshire and enjoy lots of exercise and fresh air.
Pam and her family give lots of love inside their home... To this day Zeus gets particularly excited when he sees a little girl- he thinks its one of his lost long sisters!
Do you have anything softer that I can lay down on?

Zeus moved to the Boston area on October 15th. He gets most of the attention of his dad Chris and is slowly converting Chris' girlfriend Beth to a dog love, er, liker. Zeus plans to work on her as time goes by. He has been coming to work with dad and gets to play with his best friend Frankie the Dachshund almost every day. He also loves the dog park where he gets to run off-leash and test his mettle with the big guys... he checks in with his dad every few minutes and amuses the other dogs and their owners with his goofy antics.

I'm going to have you wrapped around my finger...

My first walk... give me a second!

So you'll spend money on a tattoo but all I get for a toy is this lousy water bottle?

He's a poodle and WHAT mix? That's hilarious!

I'm kinda new to this- which end is which?

I've gained 8 lbs in two weeks!!