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Zack's Page

Zack was born on Sept 14, 2003, at Timshell Farms in Texas. He now lives on the emerald coast of Florida in Santa Rosa Beach. Once his puppy shots are complete he'll get to go to the beach and explore the water. He lives with his sister, Lola, a rottweiler, who was born on the exact same day. Zack is a very smart little guy, already coming when called and sitting. Actually, he sits every time he catches my eye just in case I have a Tiny Tots treat in my hand. He's a real clown and we laugh at his antics all the time. It's hard to believe he's been with us such a short time.

Zack at 5 weeks
with his mom

This was the day we picked him up to come home with us

I just love my mom's sweet potato vines

I like my new patio,
but what's on the
other side of the fence?