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Theo's Page

Theo was born on May 23, 2002 at the Muellers in Wisconsin. He was first in a litter of 9. I am not sure where most of his brothers and sisters are. He now lives with Amy & Craig on Long Island in NY.

Theo arriving at the airport - he was a little scared at first...

...but then he got acclimated very quickly!

homeward bound

Playing with with his new toys - 8 weeks old


favorite doodle pasttime!

Me with my favorite thing to chew - rawhide! (9 weeks old)

Laying on the floor with my new squeaky hot dog (9 weeks old)

Playing in the backyard at night with my daddy (12 weeks old)

After my first bath, picture with my mommy (15 weeks old)

I'm tired after my bath - but I still love to play (15 weeks old)

Laying in my backyard, I'm tired after playing! (16 weeks old)

My mommy and daddy got me my own bed! (5 months old)

I need a bath - this was my first trip to the dog park! It was so much fun, of course, because I love to get dirty! (5 months old)

Me in my Halloween costume - I was King Theo! (5 months old)

me and my daddy relaxing

meeting my baby brother, Aaron, for the first time

our new family!

Dirty doodle after wrestling with my cousin, Bandit, in a mud puddle for 3 hours!
I am tired!

making sure my brother is okay!

Here are some pics of Theo playing in the blizzard that we had here in NY. In these pics he almost 9 months old and about 60 lbs.

Theo playing with his daddy