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Teddy's Page

Hello fellow Doods! My big name is "Thelonious Mutt", but my friends call me Teddy. I have been told that I was born on December 9, 2002 in Hilbert, WI, but I don't remember it. I currently reside in Barrington, IL with my Mommy and Daddy, and occasionally my big brother shows up to play!

That's me to the right at 3 months old. Only a few days after my family brought me home. I love to bury myself in snow banks and play hide and seek from Mom and Dad. Everything is a game to me!

I'm actually being a good attentive boy here (right). Obeying a sit and stay command. A rare occurence. So, naturally, Mommy took a picture to make it last.

I have two modes as you can see here!

To the left is my ON mode.

To the right is my OFF mode.

Miraculously I grew to 65 lbs. overnight! And I'm still growing....

I'm too sexy for this car, too sexy for this car, too sexy by faaaar!!!

Here I am ready to rumble with my big brother!

Here I am rumbling with my big brother!

I whooped his butt!

Here I am all grown up... sorta.
80 lbs. and 1 year old!
My puppy pass is expiring soon. :-(
I'm a big boy now! :-)

Alas Sir Theodore has
returned to his throne.

This is my Nephew Beau and Niece Belle. They live in Dallas, TX. They are Golden Retrievers, and therefore only half as special as I. :-)

They are much older than I which is very confusing. I suspect my older sister mistaking a time machine for a welping box some time in the near future. I got that right didn't I?