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Sydney's Page

Sydney at 8 weeks old, only 5 pounds.
What a sweetie she was from the very start.

For the last two years my husband and I have been researching different types of dogs that we thought would fit our personalities. We found the goldendoodles.com website and fell in love with the dogs.

In March of 2002 we drove up to from Rochester, NY to Pets and More in Oakville Canada to see Jenna, Vince's goldiepoo, and Blue Sterling's Shadow and Sunny. We thought they were exactly what we were looking for so we put in our order with Vince. Vince said that we would have one by the end of the year, but thought we were probably looking at January 2003.

Then late October Vince called us and said 'You have moved up on the list! If you want your doodle, come get her on the weekend'. Wow, we were totally unprepared, no crate, no food, no supplies, yikes. Fortunately a lot of friends helped us out and loaned us a crate for home and a traveling crate for the car, so we felt a bit more prepared. We had also been going back and forth between one dog or two but finally decided to go with just one little girl for now, maybe next year we will get her a friend.

Here she is at about 15 pounds and growing fast, almost 3 pounds a week in the beginning.

Little Red Riding Pup

Puppy on a shelf

Syd on her blankie
with her toys

Syd and her Dad
out in the elimination area

Here are some more recent photos of Sydney I would like to share with you. I cant wait to get another pup. She really needs a friend.

pretty girl