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Suki & Piper's Page

After looking over the doodle site, we decided a dood was the perfect pet for us. We contacted the Muellers at Woodville Kennel, and were told they would have females ready for adoption in April if we didn't mind a black one and sent us this picture. We didn't know which was ‘ours', but it didn't matter

March 11, 2002 - 4 weeks old at Woodville Kennel.

April 8 we finally got to meet our girls in person, but how to choose?

In the car coming home - aren't they precious? Obviously, we couldn't make a choice. So, back to the pet shop for more toys and another collar and leash. We decided on red for Suki and purple for Piper so it would be easier to tell them apart.

The obligatory shot of them sleeping (that's when they're most angelic).

Their favorite toy has always been a stick, but they haven't quite mastered the art of sharing

Here they are at 12 weeks old. It's been very hard for us to imagine why ‘non-family' can't tell them apart though they were very close in size. Suki was 15 pounds and Piper 13.

At 16 weeks old, they're looking VERY different from each other (at least to us) though it's still obvious they're sisters

When the summer days got really hot, their new favorite toy became - a big water dish!!!!!!!!

No, silly, it's a pool - ya get wet in it!!!!!!! and cool off.

Our girls just love being helpful, or is it they love getting dirty? Either way, they just HAD to help spread the gravel in their kennel and, of course, roll around in it.

But, they are also like being all clean and pretty to pose for the camera

We took this picture to give Daddy for Father's Day - he really loved it.

I'm not sure who enjoyed obedience school more, our daughters or our doodles!!!!!!

They really love is splashing in the lake at Aunt Cathy's

In September, Suki (on the right) is looking more like a black, curly sheepdog than ever, and Piper still looks like ....... Piper!!!!

Piper and Suki's first Halloween - Trick or Treat!!!!!!!!! By now, Suki out-weighs Piper 55 to 45 pounds and is a good 3 inches taller

November 9, 2002 at 9 months, Suki has grown to 59 pounds and Piper 49, but they still both think they're lap dogs. Apparently, our children think so too. Looks like Piper is just going to be a ‘small' dood, at least, compared to her sister.