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Strider's Page

This is STRIDER. He was born on 11.23.02 (Robin's birthday!) and was delivered to the Holder family in St. Louis, MO from Judy Hahn of Glen Eden Labradoodles in Berryville, VA. (Judy is Amy Lane's aunt).

Here are some pictures of our boy from 10 weeks to 16 weeks. We'll send more soon.

Tori with her new puppy

 10 weeks

Strider LOVES the snow

 11 weeks

MORE snow....

 11 weeks

Dad and boy

 14 weeks

Alex & Strider

 16 weeks

Alex, Tori & Strider chillin'!

16 weeks

Robin and her "stuffed animal"

 16 weeks

20 weeks

"watching for deer"

Strider has discovered MUD!

It's totally impossible to be mad at that face!

Strider is a growing boy....

Strider is LOVED by Alex & Tori

Strider loves to chase the birds & squirrels around our property and then take a rest

He is now 1 year, and is just getting better by the day.  What an incredible pet.