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Spencer P. Mayer's Page

Spencer P. Mayer was born in St. Paul, MN on July 28, 2002. He was one of 9  puppies and as I understand it, he was the only one that was not moving to California. The poor guy lost out in terms of climate! His first experience with snow was a riot though!

Spencer at 6 months

He came to live with us on October 6, 2002. He was, by far, the cutest puppy in all of Minnesota! My wife Shannon, and my daughters Claire and Meghan are all thoroughly infatuated with Spencer. Our old dog, who had to be put to sleep, was 16 years old and deaf. Quite a change in our house to have a rambunctious puppy.

We love him to pieces. His disposition is fantastic.  He's great with the kids and strangers and is just a great big lover. He's about 45 pounds now and around 7 mos old. Perhaps he's done growing but I doubt it. His paws are HUGE .

Wet Dood