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Roxy's Page

Roxy (we like to call her "Foxy Roxy") was born on November 4, 2001 in Renton Washington. Roxy's mom is a black standard poodle, and her father is a gorgeous golden retriever.

This is a picture of her and her daddy.

Roxy has 7 brother and sisters. After 13 years of begging for a dog I finally got one, and it was worth the wait! When my parents went to look at the puppies she was the only one who came up to them. So on Christmas Eve, my brother and I were given the best present in the world.

Taking a nap after 15 minutes of playing. (2 months)

Roxy is very spoiled and loved by everyone in the family. It's alot of fun to bring her to Home Depot and have people ask us about her. Everyone is so amazed of her mix. Her favorite foods are peanut butter, jalepeno chips (she absolutly loves spicy hot foods) and pizza. Although she eats alot, and I mean alot, she's very skinny.


Her favorite hobbies are getting really dirty after she gets a bath, playing fetch, and begging. And not to mention chasing after my brother!

Too tired to take a picture!

Roxy hates being brushed, left alone but when we come home she gives the warmest welcomings , and hates being sprayed with any type of fragrance. Oh, and she is terrified of the vaccum! But who can blame her!

Here she is getting out of the river at our camp site. She only goes out until she can't reach the ground.

Being disrupted from her begging to take a picture.