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Rocky's Page

Rocky Winkelman was adopted from the Mueller's Woodville Kennel on Oct 29th, 2002.

Rocky lives with the Winkelmans and has a sister, Mutzi,

is a Cairn/Poodle Mix. They live in Colgate, Wisconsin.

Rocky was born Sept 3, 2002 his mother was a poodle and his father a Golden Retriever.  He is currently 16 lbs at 15 weeks.

He is the smartest in his puppy classes, while everyone else needs multiple instructions, Rocky only needs to be told once.....

some new photo of Rocky @ 5 months old....

Rocky helping out in the office



We have had some changes,,,  Rocky is now 6 years old,

we lost little Mutzi after 16.5 wonderful years...

her shadow has been filled by a rescued fellow from Alabama, his name is Milo, and he is a Shitzu, Beagle mix...quite the little joker...