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Raney's Page

Raney was born on 10/3/2001 at Glen Eden. She was adopted in early December by Ben and Christine and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sadly, this is the earliest picture we have of Raney.

The roll of film documenting her arrival at the Atlanta airport, and her first few days with us did not develop.

We think she looks a great deal like her sister Penny.

Needless to say, we quickly made up for our loss, and spent the next week photographing her. Here she is with her mom.

Raney was a belated wedding present from me to Ben. (Originally Ben was getting a computer armoire, but when it wouldn’t fit into the room the plan changed.)

Shortly after this picture was taken we boarded Raney for the first time.

She had a wonderful stay, and the staff loved her, but they may have loved her a bit too much.

They took it upon themselves to trim her bangs! We were very surprised when we picked her up to see her new coif.

Ben had wanted a dog for a long time, and we had debated breeds over and over again. I wanted a poodle, upon the recommendation of a vet friend, and Ben wanted a “manly” dog, such as a golden retriever or a lab. Playing on the internet one day I discovered the goldendoodles website and a compromise was struck.

Raney was named after the lead character in Ben’s favorite book, Raney.

Raney, like her namesake, is a southern girl through and through.

At first several people thought I made the breed up, but once they met Raney they knew it was true, and there are now many doodle lovers in Birmingham. As all goldendoodle owners know, Raney is the perfect dog, smart, playful, cute, and very loving. It has been so much fun raising our newest family member.

This picture was taken the day before Raney’s first official haircut.

In the foreground is her “monkey,” her favorite toy, now chewed down to a rope arm.

Shortly we will have the pictures of Raney following her haircut. Despite our fears, she actually came home looking very cute.