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Quentin's Page

Quentin was born at Glen Eden on September 24, 2001. Laura and Joe brought him home to Raleigh, NC just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cuddling with mom after my 1st bath.
(8 weeks)

When he was just 13 weeks old we took Quentin on a road trip to Massachusetts to visit family for the Christmas holiday. He proved to be an excellent co-pilot on the 13 hour drive.

"Tissue paper is the best gift of all!" (Joe & Quentin - Christmas 2001)

Quentin with Laura & his buddy Willa

Cutest boy ever!
(16 weeks)

"I'm soooo sleepy!"

Quentin's love for tennis balls developed early.

Quentin is one smart doodle! His first trick was
"give paw".

Q learned to ring a bell when he wants to go outside.

He also learned that it gets mom & dad to come running from anywhere in the house!

We're constantly reinforcing that ringing the bell does not mean "come play with me"!!!

Quentin has been our favorite subject since purchasing a new digital camera.

"Please stop taking my picture!"

A face that makes your heart melt.

 "Why does mom put me in these silly hats???"

Quentin is a happy-go-lucky fella.

When people see Q for the 1st time they often ask "Is he real?"

They think he looks like a teddy bear. (5 months old)

When we arrived at Glen Eden to pick Quentin up there was only one other puppy left. At the time we didn't know that she was destined for a family that lives in Raleigh, NC too!

Quentin and sister Abby take a water break after a long play session!

Who's Who?

Quentin & Joe at puppy school.

Q graduated and is now working on getting his CGC certificate.

Agility and flyball classes are next.

Hmmm..I know that ball is in here somewhere!

The average lifespan of Q's "squeaky toys" is under 5 minutes.

He's a master at pulling out the stuffing and getting that squeaker! (6 months old)

In March we decide to take Quentin to be groomed. He went in as our doodle and came out as an unrecognizable dog!

Quentin sports his new haircut (many weeks grown out at this point!) as he plays with Willa who was visiting from Massachusetts.

Quentin certainly has a mellow side to him. He loves to have his belly rubbed while he stretches out on the couch.

Mellowing out.
(7 months old)

"I'm ten months old now and weigh 63 lbs."

Stay tuned for more of the life & times of Quentin doodle!

Sept 24th,

Quentin's 1st birthday

He has been through 2 groomings (the 2nd about 3 weeks ago), OCD shoulder surgery, and many fun doodle activities. Hard to believe the little guy has grown so fast. He is so smart and such a big part of the family.

We Love our Quentin!

Happy Birthday