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Olive's Page

Olive was born September 3.   She was sent to us from the Muellers Woodville Kennel in Wisconsin. Her full name is "Olive Lunch" after "Olive the Other Reindeer" and "Mr. Lunch," two of our son, Russell's, favorite books (by J. Otto Seibold).

 Rachael loves Olive...and Olive loves Rachael

She is everything we'd hoped for and more. She's sweet, cuddly, beautiful and incredibly smart. In the three weeks she's lived with us she's learned "down," "sit," "shake paw," "lie down," "roll over," "head down," and even potty training is going fairly well (still not completely there yet!). We didn't plan on teaching her much this soon, but she just soaks it all in so easily.

Even our 3 year old Portuguese Water Dog, Monica, is quickly learning how great it is to have Olive join our "pack," as they spend many an hour playing together. Because our youngest son has special needs, it was extremely important that we find a puppy with a special personality...and it seems we have found the perfect girl.
These pictures were taken at approx 9 weeks -

Olive, A Day At Work with Dad

Beautiful Olive!

These were taken at 11 weeks  -

Olive & Russell

Olive learning the art of begging, from the pro, Monica

Portuguese Water Dog