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Mia's Page

Mia was born in Sardinia, Ohio on November 4, 2003. Her parents are Cowgirl and Sunny from Kris Frye’s Hardly Able Stables. She now lives in Shoreham (Long Island), New York with the Coffaro Family.

My husband and I finally gave in to our daughters constant begging for a puppy. Since we live by the beach we wanted a medium size dog who was good with children and loved the water. I suffer from allergies so after much research and the help of the Doodle Forum I decided that a Goldendoodle would be the perfect dog for us.

Finding the right breeder was very important and Kris was wonderful thru the whole process.
So on Christmas day we surprised our daughters with the news that their “own puppy” would arrive December 30th. I don’t recall ever seeing our girls so happy……..

Mia is the perfect puppy, she is beautiful, gentile, playful and so far allergy friendly.
She has added sooooooo much joy to our family!!!!!!!