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Marley's Page

Marley at 9 weeks

Marley was born August 16, 2001 at Lovina's farm, mother Sunshine and father (who else?) Bentley. The runt of the litter, he weighed just 5 pounds when we got him--now, at almost 1 year, he weighs about 52 pounds.

16 weeks

You da man, Marley

He is a travelin' doodle, living 6 months in Ohio and 6 months in Florida. It suits him well, since he loves the water and we keep boats in both places.

Getting ready
to go swimming

He is a joy--loving, easily trained, and just plain fun to be around! Getting our doodle was one of the smartest things we ever did!

Christmas dog

our boy Marley,

almost all grown up