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Maggie's Page

8 weeks old :  Maggie Doodle came home in July 2002.  She weighed in at 10 pounds.  Here she is with Judy's daughter Judith, who came to visit her “little” sister on her first day in NJ after arriving via Delta Airlines from Wisconsin.  

9 weeks old:  Maggie's a radio personality at the young age of 9 weeks!

One of her Moms works at a radio station and Maggie was happy to
pose for this shot.  She was disappointed she wasn't allowed to chew on the microphone, though.  

Tune into “Midday Maggie next time you're in Central NJ!

Maggie spent the first two months of her life
going to work everyday with one of her Moms.

Here she is helping to deliver birthday balloons to someone at the radio station.

3 months old:  Maggie played with all the staff, then came back to the office to rest and recharge under Mom's desk.

By now, she understands almost all conversations -
"wanna go for a ride?"... and makes a beeline for the door to get into the car.

3 months old:  Maggie is growing up and loves chew toys-or anything else she can fit in her mouth.  She's quite precocious too, and a bit independent.  She's partial to Motown music and is the busybody in the neighborhood-always looking to see who's going where.  If Judy has her out walking and a car drives by, she sits immediately and waits til she knows the car is going-just keeping up with the news!

5 months old:  Maggie continues to grow and is quite the lady-when she's not sneaking out of the bedroom with a slipper or sneaker in her mouth.  She's losing her baby face but is still quite the looker.  She goes to doggie daycare once a week and has several “boyfriends.”
7 months old:  The doodlebug is the cutest puppy we've ever seen.  On the street, people always want to know what kind of dog she is.  In fact, the vet's office called to find out because a client wants one.  Hope they're as happy with their doodle as we are.

8 months old     :  The perfect dog…Maggie the Goldendoodle.  At eight months, she now weighs in at about 70 pounds.

Dec. 2003 -  Maggie celebrates Christmas - fresh from a grooming.
November 2004 -

Queen of the House

Our Maggie just turned 3 years old and weighs in at 100 pounds...all pure love!

Snow, sleet or rain, Maggie likes to be outside.

Maggie was born in May 2002 at the Mueller's Woodville Kennels in Wisconsin.  She now happily lives with Joan and Judy in Skillman, New Jersey.  

August 10, 2013

We lost our precious best friend yesterday. Our 11 year old Maggie has left us with a hole in our hearts. To say she was a special dog would be an understatement. Maggie was part dog, part human, part angel. She touched so many lives over her 11 happy years, but especially ours. Our home is empty without her huge presence...both in size and in personality. We will forever love you Maggie and we will miss you more than you could imagine.