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LucyDoodle's Page

Lucy Doodle

Lucy was the most amazing, loving and beautiful dog.  She was born on November 2, 2002 from Burkhart Kennels in Ontario, Canada.  Lucy has brought joy and laughter into everyone's life she encountered.  

We live in New York City and Lucy loved to go to Central Park and run around with all of her friends.  Everyone we passed on the streets knew who Lucy was and couldn't believe how cute and sweet she was.  We were so honored to be her parents and gave her all the love in the world.  

We found out that Lucy was very sick and a few days later, she passed away.  We will miss Lucy and ask everyone to give their Doodle and pets an extra kiss and hug because life is so precious. One minute they are running around and playing ball and the next they are gone.  

These pictures range from when Lucy was a baby drying off from her bath to Lucy spending time running, relaxing and just hanging out.  We will miss our Lucy Doodle and will never forget the love and kindness she brought into our home.  The GoldenDoodles website and forum has gotten us through potty training all the way through mourning our little Princess.  We thank you for this site and for all the amazing people who participate in the Doodle Forum.  Your support means so much to us at this difficult time.  We love you Lucy!

Evan and Ellie