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Lexi-Doodle's Page

Lexi-Doodle was born on January 19th 2003. She was bred by Kathy Burgess at Doodle Quest Farms in Nicholasville, Kentucky. She had a Golden Retriever mom and a black Toy Poodle dad.

Lexi, when she first came home at 8 weeks

As a Golden Retriever/Toy Poodle mix we expect that she will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 pounds. Lexi was one of 6 puppies conceived through AI. Her litter consisted of: two golden colored females, two black females and two black males. Lexi was about 6 pounds when we brought her home at 8 weeks of age and is now about 8 pounds at 10 weeks of age.

"Am I cute or what?!?"

Lexi now lives in a very rural and wooded area of Garrison, NY with Elaine Giardiello, Kristen Giardiello, Susan Massi, two other dogs (Lakota and Nikki) and a cat (Squawoosh).

Lexi's Fur-siblings

- clockwise: Lakota, Squawhoosh, and Nikki

Kristen and Lexi

At 4 months of age Lexi weighs almost 13 pounds and is as sweet as she can be. Every
where we go people ask us what kind of dog she is and tell us how cute they think she is - she's a hit everywhere we go!"

Lexi at 4 months of age

Laine and Lexi lounging
together on the couch

Lexi's Graduation Day
at Puppy Training class
(5 months old)!

Here is Lexi the one year old Doodle. She now weighs about 26 pounds and is about 14 inches tall. She is very affectionate - loves to give kisses and enjoys meeting new people and making friends with new dogs. She is also a cuddler and will usually opt for laying beside you or on you, rather then finding a spot all her own. She is very smart and also very independent. Not a day goes by that we don't tell her how cute she is. We love our Doodle!