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Lego's Page

Here are some pictures of our wonder doodle, Lego, when she was just 8 weeks. She is growing fast and we hope to get more pictures soon.   Lego is from Judy Hahn at GlenEden.

Her mother is Rockvale Jennifer, a golden retriever, her father is Fox Meadow's brilliant star, an apricot poodle.

Lego at 12 weeks

Cute doodle!

Soooo innocent

I love to nap with daddy

True love



So many toys, so little time...

So my favorite toy is a cat toy. So what? (please don't tell the other doodles)

Did someone say "DINNER?"

Lego is doing just great. She is really growing up and is quite a little lady now! Here are some new Lego pics from our vacation in New Hampshire. Lego is 7 months old and is in love with the water!

swimming doodle

pensive doodle