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The Big Lebowski

I'm not Lebowski! They call me the Dood!
But you can call me "Your Doodness" or "The Doodster"!

My name is Lebowski and here is my first picture, 7 weeks old, taken at Amy Lane's Fox Creek Farm,
however, I was born at GlenEden Farm in Berryville, Virginia and am from a litter of 7 brothers and sisters.
My mother is a golden retreiver named Rosie and my father is a standard poodle named Chance.
I was born on October 2nd, 2002.

My first night home and at 8 weeks old, I have decided to show my new toys, who's the boss.

My vet tells me that I am very opinionated but now that I am 11 weeks old, all I really want to do is let people know what is on my mind. For instance, take the picture below. If I try to take a quick look at the ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree, I get yelled at and it is time to duck and run.

I know that Penny, located on this site, is my half sister but I would really like to hear from my brothers and sisters. Please send me an email to let me know where you have ended up. Perhaps we can romp some time.
Check back often, I will be updating my site regularly.

Here is a picture of my dad, Chance, from Glen Eden farms.

Four months old and starting to lighten

Here I am with my cousin Jazzy visiting from Brookline, Massachusetts.

(Four months old)

Lebowski at 1 year old

Lebowski at 2 years old